About Us

we intend to create games that you feel better, smarter, and happier after playing them. We believe you are unique as we are and you are a collection of opposite personas as we are. We want to create games that empower the brighter aspects of your persona and give you real joy in the long run. We want to be instrumental in creating that kind of future. .

Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality will change the world and we hope to contribute to changing it for the better. With VR, games will be an even more important part of everyone’s lives when you can be where you are and immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds, live in the stories, feel and relate to the characters, play a role in the outcomes of the story, and grow emotionally and intellectually. We want to be instrumental in creating that kind of future.

Virtual Reality will also change the way we interact with each other much stronger than the way social media did. We could be there for each other even when we can’t physically be there, we can share our dreams and joys with each other in the settings we feel comfortable with, and we can play alongside each other to accomplish virtual or real goals. We want to be instrumental in creating that kind of future.

Augmented Reality Games

Augmented Reality will bring a whole new perspective to games. Whether you call all of that Mixed Reality, AR, or VR, the borders between reality and virtual will disappear slowly. That generates massive opportunity for exciting innovative games that can be played in the real world, in the comfort of home or in open environments, individually or with a group of friends, just for fun or as a means of workout.

AR will inspire recreation of many of the board games and card games we were playing in childhood. You can bring your 2D cards to life and animate figurines and dolls you were playing with, alter the environments around you, and blend your imagination with virtual effects.

We are excited about massive opportunity for creating innovative new games and re-inventing favorite old games, and we want to take that opportunity for shaping a better game industry, one that cares as much about fun, but cares more about positive effect and compassion.


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