Meet Our Team

We are excited about the potential that VR and AR bring to the table for creating new and exciting experiences and we believe the adoption rate will be higher than expected increasing exponentially sometime soon. We are a team of enthusiastic game designers, developers, artists and marketers capable of developing VR games for various platforms such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, Google Daydream, and Samsung Gear VR headsets, as well as AR games on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Artem Mordanov

34 years old, lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, have a Specialist's Degree in Mathematics (6 years)

Our founder. In his past lives, he founded and created a CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Systems company. VR opened a whole new horizon for engaging, innovative, and fun games to be created and Artem left his business to create what was closest to his heart. He enjoyed game-creation more than any other, and that enthusiasm along with a vision for creating the future brought him to Bullet Head Games. It is his exciting journey for creating the future of VR games.

Julia Kruk

lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, have a Specialist's Degree in History (5 years)

Julia is the head of the office. She controls the payment of bills, planning, advertising, purchase of equipment and answers on your e-mails and phone calls.

Evgeny Chernyshev

lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, have a Specialist's Degree in Mathematics (6 years).

Evgeny has nearly two decades of 3D, games, and VR development experience at all levels of the stack and on a number of platforms. He has been programming 3D, VR, and games engine — from R&D on sophisticated rendering techniques down to low-level driver development.

Roman Egorov

Starting off a career in Biomedical Equipment Maintenance & Repair, Roman has worked with preventative maintenance to extend the life of the equipment and save it from frequent or sudden machine failures.

For Roman, VR is the logical next step is his journey to drive the evolution of interactive entertainment and experiences.

Pavel Kartashov

Specialist's Degree in IT Bussines (5 years), Specialist's Degree in History (5 years)

A seasoned technologist, Pavel’s career has focused on the development, management and use of technology. His experience includes directing corporate IT services, and infrastructure projects.

Pavel’s experience, ability and his ambition to explore the forefront of the use of technology make him the perfect choice to head up Bullet Head Games development program in this fast changing field.

Josef the Dog

Team mascot and just a good boy. When Josef is not busy with development or does not control the personnel in accordance with his quick justice, he simply lays and looks nice.